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Fog and Nature


Join our Investor Portfolio Partner Program

_Our platform gives you and your portfolio companies access to our curated network of Pinnacle Leaders

Access expertise to address your portfolio's most pressing business challenges.

Our network is a diverse set of leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to address your portfolio's most pressing business challenges.


They are experienced executives from top-tier companies - private and public, ranging from high-growth startups to established - and have graduated from world-class schools. They understand the unique aspects of private equity-backed or venture-funded companies.


Our executive community provides access to a high-quality, diverse pool of pinnacle leaders.

For investors seeking top-tier talent or strategic guidance.

Save tens of thousands of dollars in search fees.

Access the community

Expand you pool of pinnacle leaders who have experience and understand the unique needs of private equity or venture backed companies.


Search the community from our online platform or request help from one of our concierge. 

_Our Network is a highly curated group of senior leaders and experts who can quickly get up to speed and add immediate value. 

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