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Never Work Alone

Collaborate with similarly staged, like-minded leaders who understand your challenges and needs.

Peer Groups are core to the member experience.

Members are part of a trusted, confidential community that enables pinnacle leaders to learn from each other to navigate the issues and opportunities that stem from success.


Peer advisory groups level up the experience by providing smaller, more intimate, and ongoing connections with other community members that are hand-selected to work together and help each other. 


Collaborate with like-minded, similarly staged leaders in curated peer advisory groups.

Executives have many people offering advice, but few business leaders have a consistent, structured forum for support and unbiased feedback. Very few have a safe, confidential environment to discuss concerns, plans, challenges, and opportunities. They want guidance they can trust from people they respect.

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 _Members meet on a regular basis for collaboration and inspiration.  We provide a safe space to discover opportunities, share challenges, give and get advice, and celebrate wins.  

_Our community believes doing good things is the pathway to doing well. Our approach focuses on understanding our community members deeply, and fostering long-term relationships. 

Members helping members tap into the hidden market for executive opportunities


People within the community may refer you to opportunities within their organizations or elsewhere in the industry. These might be positions that haven't been publicly advertised yet, giving you an advantage.


Fellow consultants might need your expertise for a part of their project, opening up an opportunity for collaboration. This not only provides a job opportunity but also potentially exposes you to their client base, thus expanding your own network.


A strong recommendation or testimonial from someone in the community can significantly boost your credibility. If a client or employer trusts the person recommending you, they're more likely to trust your expertise too.

Introductions to New Contacts:

The community can introduce you to other professionals in your industry, potentially leading to new business opportunities. Even if these new contacts don't have work for you right now, they might in the future or they could recommend you to others.

Industry Knowledge & Insights:

The community can provide valuable information about trends, opportunities, and challenges in the industry, positioning you and your services effectively and stay ahead of competition.


Experienced professionals in your network can provide guidance and mentorship, helping you navigate the job market and giving you valuable insights about consulting work.

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