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We connect organizations with Pinnacle Leaders to solve high-priority business challenges. 

The speed of change organizations face, driven by the need to stay ahead of the competition, requires leadership to evolve quickly. This need constantly outpaces their ability to bring on the right talent at the right time. Companies spend months searching for the perfect hire and don't necessarily need a full-time executive hire to solve their business challenges.


Having experienced this problem first-hand, we set out to build a platform to make instant, tailored, vetted matches between talent and companies without the randomness of a job board, the barriers of closed networks, and without the theater, long lead times, and cost of a full-service agency.

Our goal is to quickly match pinnacle leaders with meaningful opportunities and to help both sides be better at what they do.

​Our Talent Network connects experts, investors, and companies to fulfill various needs. Whether you're seeking full-time leaders, temporary executives, ongoing consulting, leadership development support, or independent board members, we're here to help.


We prioritize diversity and inclusivity by providing a wide range of candidates for each position and creating a community where all perspectives are valued and respected.

We believe that, in today’s work environment, flexibility and diversity matter more than ever...and our talent network delivers.

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