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Uncover the hidden market for executive opportunities

_Full-time  _Interim  _Fractional  _Advisory  _Board  _Consulting
We connect pinnacle leaders to the hidden market for executive opportunities

Tap into the hidden market for executive opportunities.

Our community shares opportunities, provides support, and can connect you with company executives, board members, executive search consultants, and investors.


Connecting with the right person is the key to uncovering hidden opportunities.

_Full-time  _Interim  _Fractional  _Advisory  _Board  _Consulting

Our curated community + technology is the core of our approach.

_Fostering opportunities, building trust through confidentiality, promoting enhanced collaboration, and providing tailored resources and support.

Much more than a professional network. We’re a community.

We know our members because they’re our peers, colleagues, and friends. We share ideas regularly in our groups and members-only forums. We build relationships, collaborate, and share lessons learned.

We invest in relationship-building within the community, foster an environment of mutual support and collaboration, and continually ensure that the community is serving the needs and goals of our individual members and client organizations.

Quality & Consistency

We've handpicked each member based on their skills, experience, achievements, and values, ensuring each member brings significant value and aligns with the community's goals or standards.

Exclusive Networking

The community offers our members and clients a platform for like-minded individuals or organizations to connect, share knowledge, collaborate, and build relationships.

Trust & Confidentiality

Discussions, activities, or transactions within the community are confidential. This fosters trust among members and clients.


Groups of members have complementary skills, experiences, or objectives. We facilitate collaboration, as members can work together more effectively towards shared goals.

Tailored Resources & Support

 Argosight provides targeted resources, support, and opportunities tailored to the specific needs, interests, or goals of our members and clients.

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