Flexible services when you need them 

Argosight's On-Demand service is as simple as it sounds. Whether it’s a need for a traditional recruiter or someone who specializes in a specific industry, we have a team of certified professionals ready to jump in. Our recruiters integrate into your team and act on your behalf. Argosight's contract recruiters can be the solution you need to help with a spike in hiring volume, or provide additional expertise to your existing recruiting team.


Project Based

Achieve a specific hiring objective

Project-based recruitment is designed to meet demands that internal resources may not be able to accommodate. In cases where internal Recruiters may be unable to meet time or volume needs, project-based services is a cost-effective support model that “plugs in” experienced resources to supplement your internal team. This service level works in cohesion with your overall talent acquisition strategy.


Full Cycle Recruitment

Complete end-to-end services 

Argosight's Full Cycle Recruitment is designed to accommodate your organization’s comprehensive needs for hiring, encompassing all stages from opening a job requisition through onboarding a new hire.  Our commitment to excellence in service delivery translates to maximum results delivered for our clients, including improved efficiencies and enhanced quality of hires.