Although methods and techniques exist that recruiters or other HR members responsible for talent acquisition can use to help with this bottleneck, job vacancies are still largely present and candidates containing the right skills are hard to find.

The bridge between the skills candidates contain and the skills required on the job is what has become known as the “skills gap”. Research indicates that this gap exists because of insufficient educational preparation of graduates. This gap in knowledge is not projected to disappear anytime soon. In fact, it was forecasted that through the year 2020, there could be 40 million too few college-educated workers globally, and as many as 95 million workers could lack the skills required for employment in advanced economies. The skills gap dilemma reinforces that finding skilled candidates for specialized positions is a real challenge for talent acquisition that needs to be addressed more effectively, and fast.


There are several reasons why your organization might be finding it difficult to recruit for certain roles.

  • The most common reason is that the job requires skills which are in short supply

  • Your organization is in a location where there is a shortage of labor and attracting employees to the area is difficult

  • The salary you are able to offer is below market average and you are unable to compete with other organizations

  • The benefits package offered is not as attractive as those offered by others

  • The organization has recently gone through a well-publicized restructuring or series of layoffs, or received negative
    publicity, which can put potential candidates off


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