Employment Branding

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As an HCM professional, you know how important it is to stay on the threshold of this ever-evolving industry. Times change, technology transforms, and the way we find talent refuses to stay the same—and you need to be fully aware of every shift.

We’ve been on the lookout for new, relevant material to share with you. Sharing ideas is an important aspect of our community at Argosight, which is why we’ll be curating relevant content meant to provide a step-up in this vastly changing landscape.

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Let’s Talk About Branding

Reputation is everything, and we mean everything.
Today, we’re featuring articles that focus on improving company and personal brand through unconventional means. These tips and changes, though subtle, pay off in spades when it comes to improving candidate interest and retention, whether you’re recruiting for a client or looking to build out your own organization’s talent.

Insights from Argosight

The Last First Impression: The Art of Extending an Offer
The offer letter is not just a legal formality at the end of the recruitment cycle—it’s also an important marketing piece. While presenting an offer letter is the last step when closing a candidate, it can be the difference between landing the perfect fit or missing out on a difficult hire. Make sure the offer letter is crafted with the same care you give to all your employees to ensure you don’t lose out on great talent.

Insights from the Industry

The Sneaky, Brilliant Way Google Recruits Some of Its Workers
Google has found yet another opportunity to strengthen their brand through unconventional sourcing. Max Rosett, a mathematician from Yale, was using the eponymous search engine when a certain string of words activated a series of hidden tests. Two weeks and five puzzles later, Max found himself talking to a Google recruiter. Ultimately, he landed a job, and Google once again found itself in the headlines.

Source: Entrepreneur

Driving the Industry Forward

Recruiting Content: Yes, You Can Win a Rigged Game
So how do you compete with brand giants like Google? Try taking a page from Michael Lewis’ Moneyball. Just because you don’t have the resources of industry leaders doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to second-tier talent. If you tell your own compelling story with the right content, you can build engagement and ties that money simply can’t buy.

Source: Meshworking

Tools for Success

Rules of Visual Content for Every Social Platform
EMERGENCY! If you’re using the same content for all of your social media, then read this NOW. Great content creators know how to mix visual and story, and they know how to tailor this content across all social media channels. Don’t be the company that tweets on Facebook.

Source: BuzzPlant