A New Hire Isn't Always the Best Solution

For many workplace problems, a new hire often seems like the best solution. New employees can take on more responsibilities, bring fresh perspectives, and take your organization in a new direction. However, hiring a new employee often becomes a knee-jerk reaction to a number of problems that can be solved more effectively through other approaches. Whenever you think you need to replace someone or add to your staff, ask these questions first:

  1. Why do we need this job?

  2. Could we outsource it or eliminate it all together?

  3. Could we do this job differently in house?

  4. Could we divide the job up among our existing employees?

  5. Could we use technology to do the job?

Especially in today’s tough hiring market, it’s important to reevaluate the need for new hires. Take these questions into consideration when it’s time for your organization’s next new hire.