What’s In It For Them?

The competition for employees is fiercer than ever. As the unemployment rate drops lower and lower, organizations invest more and more in attracting top talent. It’s a job seeker’s market. How can you make your recruitment ads stand out from the crowd and attract the types of candidates you want? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure your headline grabs attention. “Looking for Our Next Superstar,” “Life’s Too Short Not to Work Somewhere Awesome,” and “Come Grow with Us” are example titles that will catch any candidate’s attention.

  2. Tell them what’s in it for them. What can you tout? Family-friendly, flexible hours? Great, collaborative coworkers? Growth opportunities? Training and/or education? These are all enticing perks that potential employees appreciate.

  3. Describe the ideal applicant in the second person rather than listing what you need. Try out, “You are highly responsible and a proven problem solver who thrives in a fast-paced environment,” instead of, “We need a responsible problem-solver for our fast-paced customer service center.”

  4. Make sure your ads look good on a mobile phone as well as a desktop.

  5. If possible, include links not only to your website, but to anything that will give candidates an idea of your culture. LinkedIn profiles, community awards, and press releases will show potential employees what types of projects and activities your company actively pursues.

To attract and retain the best candidates to your organization, take a step back and highlight what makes working at your organization great. By taking a look at your job applications from your candidates’ perspective, you can show them the reasons why they should join your company.