Recruiting Tips, Tools, and Techniques

The tight talent market has left many employers competing for some of the best talent. However, many organizations cannot afford to enter a bidding war for every employee they hire. For companies that need to get more creative with their recruiting process, these tips, tools, and techniques prove how a little can go a long way:

  1. Give your frontline employees their own business cards. For a very small investment you make them feel good about themselves and the company, and you can turn every employee into a recruiter. Ask them to give their card to anyone they meet who they think would make a good addition to your team. Have them tell the prospect to contact you and mention the employee’s name and it will guarantee them an interview.

  2. Promote employee referrals. Employee referrals are one of the least expensive, most efficient ways to recruit job applicants. Better than that, referrals who are hired are more likely to be above-average performers and stay on board longer because they already have a friend or acquaintance on your staff. Remind them no one ever felt bad about getting a job offer; the people whose names they share will likely be flattered even if they’re not interested. Make sure your people know that even if a referral or recommendation doesn’t work out, it is not their fault and will never be held against them.

  3. Consider the people you did not hire. Go back and look at the applicants who almost got the last job or the one before that. These are prescreened, well-qualified people whose contact information you already have.

Attracting top talent doesn’t always require a flexible budget and many company resources. Oftentimes, creative recruiting strategies can produce some of the best talent leads. Has your organization implemented these creative recruiting avenues yet?