Ten Steps to Hiring and Retaining Your Next Great Employee

The best companies recruit constantly, not just when a position is available. To hire the best talent for your organization, don’t just wait for candidates to apply to an opening - pursue the individuals who would best fit into your organization. Even if no position is open, you can always find room for a great employee. Follow these ten steps to hire and retain your next great employee:  

  1. Make a list of what a great employee will do, but how they will do it.

  2. Make a list of the reasons a great employee would want to come to work for your organization.

  3. Don’t go after people who’s looking for a job; go after those who are looking for a better job and career.

  4. Don’t limit your recruiting to job boards and social media. Use every possible method to reach your targeted recruits (offline and online).

  5. Give them a reason to talk to you about your opportunity.

  6. Move quickly.

  7. Make them feel special and treat them with respect.

  8. Remember, the purpose of onboarding is to make them feel welcome, bring them up to speed, and reinforce their “buying decision.”

  9. Always keep looking. You can always find room for a great employee.

  10. As Dilbert once said, “Business success is 20% hiring great employees and 80% leaving them alone so they can do their jobs.”