How to Think Ahead in Interviews

Interviews are more than a way to bring new talent to your organization. In cases where you’re ready to make the candidate an offer, use the interview to jump-start engagement, retention, and the performance review process. The performance review questions are taken directly from a model set out by Jeff Bezos during Amazon’s first years. Ask these questions during the interview to get a head start on making your workplace the best place it can be:

For engagement and retention, ask:

  • Imagine I make you an offer, and you accept the position with us. It’s now six months down the road, and you feel just as enthusiastic and eager as your first day on the job. What has happened to make you feel this way?

For performance review, ask:

  • Will you admire this person?

  • Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of their group?

  • Along what dimension could this person be a superstar?

Interviews can offer more than just a way to get to know potential new talent. Mobilize your interview process to create a positive workplace environment for your employees.