No One Leaves When They’re Having Fun (at Work)

All work and no play makes work a dull place to be. Everyone wants to be in an environment of fun, but what does fun look like in a work environment? It can be friendly competitions, team camaraderie, and celebrations. It can be a joke of the day or free candy bars. Do you know your employees’ favorite candy bars, restaurants, charities, or sports teams? If you don’t, ask them!

Ask your current employees to fill out a “data sheet,” and make it a practice to have new employees fill out a data sheet as part of their onboarding process. When you want to recognize them for an achievement, you can refer to this sheet to give them something they’ll appreciate. You can also use the sheet to spot trends and identify fun team activities that everyone will enjoy. For example, if everyone likes the Red Sox, plan a company outing to the ballpark or the local sports bar. No one leaves the party when they’re having fun, so try to make your workplace as fun as it can be.