Top 5 Reasons a Candidate Will Accept Your Job Offer

While it can seem like organizations have the upper hand in the recruiting process, companies have just as much to gain and lose as applicants. In today’s war for talent, many of the best applicants have their pick of job offers. To get candidates to choose your organization over another, companies need to share concrete, compelling reasons why they are the better choice on the company career website.

If your company career page isn’t delivering the top talent you need, consider revising your message. Costco and McDonald’s are two corporations that succeed at providing top reasons to join their teams. Costco touts career growth, a friendly work environment, and an ethical workplace as reasons to apply. McDonald’s offers flexible schedules, great benefits, and career opportunities. Candidates want more than a competitive salary and a great job role. Describe your workplace environment and how it will help applicants succeed at your company.

With these tips in mind, consider the top five reasons a candidate will accept your job offer:

  1. Yours was the first company to make an offer and/or the first job they applied for

  2. Your company was recommended to them

  3. You offer a good work environment and benefits

  4. Your company has a good reputation

  5. The schedule you offer meets their needs

Does your company provide all five reasons to your applicants?