Argosight Tech Talk: Leveraging Technology Without Sacrificing the Candidate Experience

In the past decade, the recruiting industry has been inundated with new technology. Now almost every step of the recruitment process can be automated in some way, increasing efficiency among recruiters that take advantage of the technology available to them. But there are accompanied risks. Recruiters can either sorely underutilize their resources, or their use of technology can sacrifice the human element that is so vital to the candidate experience. How can recruiters maintain the balance of efficiency and candidate experience in the constantly evolving landscape of recruiting technology?

In this new series “Argosight Tech Talk,” we’ll discuss how you can utilize technology throughout the process to its fullest extent without sacrificing the candidate experience. No matter where you are in the process of choosing a new system or reviewing the systems you currently have, there are variety of steps (and levels of automation) you can take to gain quick wins, improve the candidate experience, and ultimately source, recruit, and hire the candidate more efficiently and effectively.

Recruiting technology can create long-term value by allowing you to streamline the movement and coordination of information across your organization, like the scheduling of meetings and feedback. Most importantly, it can help you to improve the balancing act of keeping three key constituents happy: candidate, hiring manager, and recruiter. For example, you can set up automated thank-you emails that will send 24 hours after a candidate shows up on-site for an interview. Even though it requires very little human interaction, the gesture can mean a lot to a candidate going through a rigorous interview process.

Once you’ve determined that your processes and platforms don’t sacrifice the candidate experience, it’s important to determine the opportunity cost to your organization. By keeping your current systems in place, are you slowing down the process flow and in turn, costing your organization more money than is necessary? And if you do decide to invest in a new a system, how long will it take for the investment to payout? Either way, it’s crucial to be constantly evaluating the balance between investment and candidate satisfaction.

When it comes to technology, perhaps it’s easiest to look at recruiting in three key areas: people, process, and platform. When all three are aligned, it makes for an efficient organization and a higher return on investment. Most importantly, an aligned organization results in higher satisfaction in multiple areas. When your employees are satisfied with a platform’s user experience, they’ll be more productive and happy, which in turn, will create a better experience for the candidate and hiring manager.

Alex Bender is a Practice Lead in our Recruitment Infrastructure Practice at Argosight, will contribute as a thought leader to this series, “Argosight Tech Talk.” He brings a unique combination of experience in full life-cycle recruiting and recruiting technology system administration.