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As your strategic recruitment advisors, we provide the total range of services you need, including competitive market intelligence, salary market data, and customized analytics tailored to your business. We help hiring managers define business and job requirements, source talent, and evaluate candidates to ensure a sustainable, productive relationship with your team and your new hires. And because this is all we do, we have the unique ability to meet your immediate needs, regardless of the scope or the timeline.

Market Intelligence

How many potential candidates exist for a particular position by region? Who else is hiring for that position? What’s the proper salary range? At Argosight, we know the answers to these questions. More importantly, we can help you find answers to questions unique to your business. Our understanding of the competitive job landscape from both a business management and recruitment perspective is one of our greatest advantages.

Employment Branding

Confusing job descriptions and an unflattering company image deter talent like nothing else. We can help by developing a consistent, positive image that reflects your company’s values and targets the right people for your organization.

Recruitment Strategy

Whether it’s the latest in social media strategies or new approaches to university recruiting, we use the best tools possible to build candidate pools for our clients. When job openings occur, we can draw from these pools, thus reducing time-to-hire and increasing satisfaction for both the candidate and company. From sourcing to offer, our recruitment capabilities provide a streamlined process to meet the needs of your fast-growing company.

Assessment + Selection

The hiring process becomes unreliable if there are no guidelines in place to ensure objective and consistent evaluation of candidates. We create proven assessment processes for your hiring teams to ensure that the best candidate is always the one who gets the job. We want your interview process to be thorough and insightful, ensuring feedback is collected in a timely manner so that your company can grow as fast as it needs to.

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